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We have trained many top professional feng shui consultants at our international school. We now offer these classes in our Online Feng Shui Courses below.

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Forms the basis of all you need to know and why, to help you become a Top Feng Shui consultant.


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Using both science and mysticism we teach you how to access deeper levels of consciousness to find and cure black streams and much more.


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How to analyse health, lifestyles, careers and all aspects of life.


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Everything you need to create beneficial and supporting atmosphere in commercial environments.


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The most comprehensive and clearest course will teach you how to become a professional diviner and ultimately a Feng Shui master.


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The most comprehensive time and space feng shui course available, with unparalleled interpretation. It's knowledge turns mediocre or good feng shui results, into outstanding ones.

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"We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous". Chris UK. More here.

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What is feng shui?

feng shui is wind and waterFeng Shui definition

What is feng shui? With green issues and care for our home life increasing, it is now time we started living in harmony with the energy of our surroundings. In fact, science has recently confirmed that our local environment - seriously affects our quality of life. How? Our world, including our home and office, has energy (qi) which rises and decays over time. When energy rises, our life, health, vitality and prospects improve. When energy decays, these aspects deteriorate and cause stress.

The following definition comes from the Oxford English Dictionary a world renowned expert on English language.


[mass noun] (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

Feng Shui, which translates to wind and water or flow and storage refers to the flow of healthy vibrant qi throughout our homes and offices, whilst decaying energy is isolated or stored. By furniture placement and simple, subtle cures, feng shui enables clients to receive rising, beneficial energy from their homes and offices. This transference of energy or power allows you to significantly improve your quality of life, and provides an extremely beneficial atmosphere in your home or office.

What is true feng shui?

Quite simply, it is the feng shui that has worked for thousands of years, knowledge of our environment, its affect on us and ours on it. It works because it's the way of the universe and everything contained within it.  

Feng shui tipsTrue feng shui, or "feng shui that works" requires no belief system, superstitions, wind chimes, bagua mirrors or money toads. It is based on logic, total common sense and an understanding of natural sciences. That's why it is called "wind and water" or Feng Shui in Chinese, two essential ingredients for all life on Earth.

The origins of Feng Shui were not just limited to the Chinese; many ancient civilisations used a form of feng shui. It was seen as a code of practice of how to live in harmony with our surroundings. The reason why fengshui is so popular today is because in our fast paced society, with technical advances made practically every day, we are moving further and further away from living naturally within our environment.

Yin and yang reminds us that when life becomes too extreme, it reverts to its opposite state. Today, things are too extreme and we have forgotten the importance of our environment. This causes stress, one of the biggest killers in today's society.

The ancient ones collected this Chi through the use of water and directed it where needed. They called this art FENG SHUI. When used correctly, it has the effect of always being in the "right place at the right time" and of things happening for you, rather than against you.

What does wind and water teach us?

feng shui wind and water pictureThe symbolism of this cycle indicates the macrocosm and the microcosm, the importance of which shows us that we are totally dependent on our environment and that our environment is dependent upon us. Feng Shui allows us to analyse people and their environment. People are the microcosm of their surroundings and changing one half of thsi equation, affects the other. By understanding this unique relationship and chemistry, feng shui consultant Alan Stirling is able to implement subtle cures creating balance in peoples lives. This alleviates stress and promotes wellness and well being. It feels as though your are always in the right place at the right time. This is what feng shui can do for you. If someone claims that they can do more than this, it is not true feng shui.

Balancing Environments with feng shui

We identify any imbalances through the use of Chi Flow, Yin and Yang and five elements to make subtle, easy and straightforward changes in each of the eight ba gua areas. The result will have a beneficial influence on that particular area of your life, ending any conflict and getting you back on track again. That is all that we do! Okay? Of course we also add the time and spatial factors through the use of "Flying Star feng shui" and your own destiny through the Four Pillars of Destiny. We also check for any Geopathic stress, but that's it really, in a nutshell, the whole enchilada!

Earth Acupuncture

dowsing and earth acupunctureAs part of a feng shui consultation, your property will be checked for any Geopathic Stress lines and underground streams. These "black energy" lines can be caused by a natural fissure suddenly appearing within the earth under your home or office or even underground streams becoming stagnant. They can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of any person living, sleeping or working above them.

black streams are linked to thunderThey range in intensity on a scale of 1 to 16 with some of the effects being: Obesity and swelling of joints at levels 5 - 6, Paranoia/M.E./Schizophrenia levels 6 - 8, Cancer/Leukemia and most chronic diseases above level 9.

It should be noted that NOT EVERY HOME has these lines but where they are present they can be removed or deflected out of harms way through the use of Earth Acupuncture. This then reverses the polarity and produces healthy energy lines instead.

FREE Geopathic Stress Test

Free Geopathic stress test,  draw 1 clockwise and 1 anticlockwise circle each about 3 inches in diameter on a sheet of A4 paper. Also draw a vertical and a horizontal line with an arrow at each end [both about 3 inches). Write the word YES underneath the clockwise circle and NO under the anticlockwise circle. Under the vertical line write MORE OR LESS and under the horizontal line BE MORE SPECIFIC.

Feng Shui shopYou are now ready to enter the world of dowsing, where you can answer any question you want yourself. Take a pendulum or similar object and hold it over the clockwise circle. When it begins to move in a circle seemingly of its own accord, this will then be your "YES" sign.

Repeat with the No circle until it starts to move anticlockwise, providing you with your "No" sign. Now follow the same procedure with the lines, the vertical line is used for counting and the horizontal line tells you to be more specific. Now in your mind, mentally ask any question you like and note the result. At this point I would tend to ask is there any Geopathic stress here? Am I suffering from Geopathic stress?

If you received YES to these questions, then you may need to give me a call to arrange for a consultation, alternatively try a Happy Home Kit. But of course you could always dowse first to see if this is what you should do!

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