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I Ching Readings courseI Ching readings come from probably the oldest surviving book in history and have been hailed for millennia as a mystical oracle that unlocks the secrets of nature.

I Ching as a “Book of Changes”, represents the macrocosm and microcosm of our world. To put this another way, it acts as a portal in which we can access the power of the cosmos in our everyday lives. An I Ching reading supplies insight and guidance to the changes that affect us and by following its ancient wisdom we feel more confident and assured about our future. This helps us to make the right decisions at the right time and greatly improve our quality of life.


Ching readings answers all questions

I Ching readings can answer all of your questions you can either send us your I Ching hexagram and we will interpret this for you, or we can divine with the original Grand Duke I Ching system of Wen Wang Gua. You do not even have to tell us the question and we can still provide your answer, or the points you need to address for your results.

Advanced I Ching system - Wen Wang Gua

In this advanced I Ching system called Wen Wang Ba Gua we combine the Chinese Zodiac with each hexagram line or yao to get even more accurate results as well as timning so we can usually tell you when things will happen.

Wen Wang Gua method was the original way of reading hexagrams before the text was developed for the I Ching. Wen Wang Gua still survives today and is far more specific than the I Ching and can show us when important changes will take place. It was developed by Jiang Fang, an ancient I Ching master who allocated Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to each line of a hexagram, via the hexagram palaces.

This method of divination can be used to answer any questions you may have. Owing to the process used we can only perform this service on our Chinese astrology hotline by calling (44) (0) 203 0114938. This service costs £45 per casting.

I Ching Divination
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Learn the I Ching with our professional training course

Our I Ching course is step five of our seven Steps to Feng Shui mastery accredited professional training program. However, if it’s just the I Ching that you want to study this course can be taken separately and it could teach you how to become a professional I Ching diviner.

Although the main focus of this course is the original I Ching system practiced by King Wen and subsequent masters. Along the way we unravel some of the mysteries of the I Ching and describe the different ways that you can divine. Our table of contents will prove that this I Ching course is the most comprehensive and clearest ever written. It is beautifully illustrated throughout and contains well over 26,000 words. We guarantee that you will not find a better course on this subject. More detail?

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