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Flying star feng shui chart for any north facing building between 352.5º - 22.5º degrees

flying star feng shui chart N2

Flying star chart continued from feng shui consultation - East This palace has 5,6,2, which is a notorious combination representing chronic illness. The metal element is needed to absorb the sickness energy of the 2 water star and the most destructive qi of the 5. As luck would have it the time star is 6 metal and this should nullify these effects. However, a feng shui consultant should check to see if there was ever illness to the head of the family, injuries to the head of feet or to anyone that spends the most time in this space whenever the annual or monthly flying star entered this palace. If so, then you will need to add more of the metal element and to completely nullify the 5 mountain star his is best done by metal sound, like a chiming clock, Newton's cradle, or even a ring tone on a phone. On no account should a wind chime be hung in this combination.

five element cycleFlying star feng shui - Southeast Once again this area cannot have a host as both eligible stars, that is mountain and water stars are untimely and unsuitable. That said, the 3 water star is said to be usable until 2024 but being at the back of the building it is out of place. This can be cured though if there is an entrance or window in this location. If so, it is said to bring unexpected windfalls and is good for the eldest son. However, should it revert to its untimeliness it can bring robbery and / or litigation. Should this be your home or office and you seem to be suffering from the negative effects add the fire element in the form of warm colours, triangular shapes or a light to balance.

Flying star feng shui - South This area has an out of place water star so wealth in this period will be very difficult to achieve. As the 8 mountain star is also in this position it needs professional curing to boost the beneficial heath effects that this brings. Also owing to a special combination you will also find that the mountain and water stars have actually changed elements making it more difficult to cure and we would be happy to provide a professional feng shui consultation to cure both aspects as well as the rest of the home or office.

metal can be rounded shapesFlying star feng shui - Southwest This area has 651 and being at the back of the home it naturally favours the 6 mountain star. Unless there is a large open space or natural water in this direction we will use this as our host. It is being weakened by the 1 water star, but what it loses to this is being made up by the 5 earth element time star. In flying star feng shui the most destructive star is the 5 but when this supports a host it is being put to good use and is deemed less destructive. Nevertheless to reduce all risk a metal mountain should be placed in this space, this can either be a white or grey wall, something heavy with these colours, a large mirror, rounded shapes or a large rounded hill externally.

Flying star feng shui - West This area has another permanent combination that changes the element to one that is supported by the metal qi of this western palace. Consequently, it is considered excellent for studying and children will be intelligent and talented. It is well balanced and needs no further cures until the annual and monthly flying stars are known.

Flying star feng shui - Northwest This area has 295, that is the 9 time star feeding a chronic illness combination of 2 mountain and 5 water star, it is also bad however and whenever a 2 meets a 5. That said, when bad stars support their palace they are considered beneficial and no further cures are usually needed. The northwest is rich in yang metal and this naturally cures the 2 and 5 earth elements.

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