Earth Dog Astrology

Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope

A shaggy dog story?

As today is an Earth Dog day in a Sheep month, could a fusion of both be a Shaggy Dog? I am afraid that there isn’t much of a story though, as the Sheep tends to cause setbacks for the Dog, but it is good to start over and the Feng Shui almanac suggests getting married or tidying up loose ends. 

That’s a happy ending at least. It advises against buying land and digging foundations. Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope posted 1st February 2013

Think about it… and sweep the Dog house!

Leader of the pack?Today's title can be taken literally as it’s an Earth Dog day which due to its clash with the annual Dragon sign is known as a “year break”.  Consequently it is not an auspicious day and the Chinese almanac suggests only meditation and sweeping up, but not necessarily a kennel!

If you have Earth Dog in your horoscope then you are a people person with good expression. If this is your day pillar, you  should enjoy long term partnerships  and have many loyal friends. Not sure, which pillars you have in your horoscope? Have a free Chinese horoscope.  Here’s some we checked earlier Bono, Al Pacino (day) Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna, Gary Oldman, Tim Robbins and Prince.

It’s a slightly better day tomorrow and better still on Sunday and Monday. Now that is a very good sign as for Chinese astrology purposes, we actually start the New Solar Year of Water Snake on Sunday.  

This shouldn’t be confused with the New Year Festival celebrated on February 10th as that’s a lunar event. We have made many New Year predictions on our dedicated Water Snake page. We will return on Tuesday, until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope posted 4th October 2012

See a man about a Dog?

Today is an Earth Dog day and as the earth element can represent humanities and all things related to humans, you can quickly see how we derived today's title. However, as the Earth element is also related to real estate or property development, a reference to a “Dog House” would have been equally appropriate. Maybe moreso as the only recommendations in today's book of nature is to “sweep house” which, apart from the literal definition, can also mean to tidy up your affairs.

An Earth Dog in your horoscope means that you are a humanitarian, interested in health and wellbeing. So much so, that if you pursue your interests in property development, success could even make you a philanthropist.

We will return tomorrow with an Earth Pig, so until then enjoy every moment of NOW.
Finn & Slim Shooey Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope - 13th/4//2011 & February 7th 2012

Leader of the pack?

Today is an Earth Dog day and as the strongest and most independent of the five zodiac dogs, this is the natural leader of the pack.

If you have this pillar in your horoscope it generally indicates a healthy period, with plenty of support and possibly outstanding results from new endeavours.

If this is your day pillar, then you are a people person with good expression and should enjoy a strong marriage or partnership. Not sure, which pillars you have in your horoscope? Have a free  Chinese horoscope.

Famous hounds include Bono, Al Pacino (day) Kevin Bacon,  Alec Baldwin , Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna , Gary Oldman, Tim Robbins  and Prince.   

Earth Dog has a third element associated with it called a “harmonic” and this provides the daily theme. Today being wood denotes strategy and planning and is in itself appropriate action, as this Dog day clashes with the month animal of Dragon.

If that wasn’t bad enough it is also a “Broken day”   and is only suitable for taking things apart or fixing things that are broken. Consequently, the Chinese almanac lists seeking a doctor, refurbishment or fixing a wall as the only suitable activities for today.

Today’s astrology favours Tiger who have wealth and love luck, Horse which can relax or try something new,  and Dog signs who are popular or at the centre of attention.  

Rabbits being partners with Dogs are also lucky with inspiration and investments paying off.  

Sheep signs see their plans develop whilst Ox may need to rethink theirs.

Dragons are normally clashed on Dog days but as this is their month all should be well. 

Monkey can be spoiled but Roosters should get good advice.

Rat and Pig signs are prominent but the former can benefit by wearing white or grey colours if under pressure. It’s a slightly better day tomorrow and much better on Friday.
Until then – enjoy now!