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Five Elements of nature

five element harmonyFive elements or Wu Xing as it is known in Chinese and feng shui loosely translates into English as "five transformational phases"

The ancients developed their understanding of five element natural principles when working and harnessing energy many thousands of years ago. Finding that qi and all life evolves from one stage to another, they developed these five elements from natural phenomena that they saw all around them. This is why we now know these five elements as Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

five element cycleEverything in our existence consists firstly of Yin and Yang and can be further classified into one of the five elements of nature.  Of these, certain elements work together in a Sheng Cycle and certain elements clash in what is known as a Ke cycle. In Feng shui we balance environments by getting as many of the five elements working together as possible. Shape, colours, textures and even people fall into one or more of the following five elements.

Here is just a few of the characteristics associated with five elements of nature. Literally everything will fall into one of these phases, from bodily organs to facial expressions and emotions. It is one of the main tools used in Feng Shui.



 fire element sunriseFive elements - fire

FIRE Ascending qi like flames, reaching out for fuel. Colours, as you would expect are red, pink, peach, although colours that have warmth to them are also considered fire. Shapes are triangular.
People are artistic with a good sense of proportion, attractive, idealistic, impulsive and outgoing. Generally they have a problem finishing things. They are bright and intelligent.
Fire element corresponds to number 9 in five elements numerology or Nine Star Ki.


Thunder - wood elementFive elements - wood

WOOD This is expansive. Like a tree it reaches a certain height and reaches out in all different directions. It represents space. Colours are green and light blue. Shapes are tall and upright.. People of this type are positive, high spirited, always getting into difficulty but they always get out as well. Full of optimism and the spirit of youth, they live for pleasure and fun!
Wood element corresponds to numbers 3 & 4 in five elements numerology or Nine Star Ki.


Five elements - water Five elements - water

WATER element dynamics are that of descending chi. Of all the five elements water is the densest. If you have ever tried scuba diving you will know that barometric pressure doubles after  8 feet. Waters colours are black and dark blue. Shapes are wavy and flowing.
of this type are either very bubbly on the surface or very deep and reflective, with no middle ground. They are outgoing, superficial, adaptable, easygoing, receptive, worrisome, passionate, generally unromantic, but strong sexually, philosophical.
Water element corresponds to number 1 in five elements numerology or Nine Star Ki.


 Fields are earth elementFive elements - earth

EARTH. Rotating or orbiting qi, just like the planet Earth. Colours are all of the colours that you find naturally on the earth’s surface, from ivory beaches, to cream, beige, yellow corn fields, brown and terracotta. Shapes are square and squat.
Earth people, are of three different types. Generally they are great supporters, assistants, conventional and conservative, gentle, pleasing, obsessive regarding details, indecisive, tactful, dedicated to the public and service. Some are great defenders of human rights with an inner strength. Some are fatalistic gamblers and always do things the hard way.
Earth elements corresponds to numbers 2, 5 & 8 in five elements numerology or Nine Star Ki. Feng Shui and interior design are both related to the Earth element. People with earth in their Chinese astrology charts, either for Nine Star ki or Four Pillars of Destiny are particularly well suited to these fields.


 metal element abstractFive elements - metal


METAL. Qi is solid, contracting, cool on the outside yet passionate within and cutting. Colours, are white, gray and metallic. Shapes are round and curving. There are two types of metal people, like two sides of a coin. One is a great leader, but can dominate and conquer, constantly active with high ideas, ambitious and egotistical. They hate to lose, are very self critical, strongly materialistic and can seem stubborn and overly ambitious. The other is a great orator, tactful, elegant and well liked by others. They like to be free, dislike supervision and hate being ignored.

Metal element corresponds to numbers 6 & 7 five elements numerology or Nine Star Ki

Feng Shui and interior design

In Nine Star ki Astrology 2013 is an Earth year and if you are a 5 Earth person then this year will be one of ups and downs.

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