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Metal Rooster horoscope posted 2nd November 2011 & August 28th 2012

Rooster boosts magic monkey

Today's title reminds me of a headline you might find in a kids comic, but oddly enough its true on a couple of levels. Here’s how; it is a Metal Rooster day and as both components, the Heavenly Stem (metal) and Earthly branch (Rooster) have the same metal element, they assist one another. Now, helping each other is not only a boost but a boon too, isn’t it?

The Rooster being part of the same group as our current monthly sign of Dog only needs a Monkey for a complete metal combination. This can make us all feel like the most loved Metal Rooster and that’s pure magic!

To discover if you have any simian tendencies in your chart have a free Chinese horoscope. If so, it could bring power, romance, wealth, creativity and our attribute cycle will tell you how this magic can affect your life today. Another boost comes as the Rooster is said to allow the Monkey to advance and can mean having your plans come to fruition.

It is not all roses or magic and bananas though, as the Rooster actually clashes with the annual Rabbit sign, so the Chinese almanac suggest only quiet meditation or tidying up as suitable activities. You may also get in a jam if you make wine or soy sauce. Shouldn’t that be pickled?

If you do not have a Monkey in your horoscope, we can all share in the hourly influence between 3pm to 5pm. This will be a good time to take charge of a situation or benefit from increased mental agility in some way. Perhaps learning something? However, it is best not to make important decisions until we emerge from this daily clash.

To see how your own animal signs can be affected today please see our Metal Rooster web page. We will return tomorrow on a Damp Dog day.
Until then, enjoy NOW!

Metal Rooster daily horoscope- posted 5th July 2011

As scarce as hen's teeth at year break

Feng Shui astrology Metal Rooster day horoscopeWow, an ambitious title for a Metal Rooster day. To unravel it, let’s start at the end and work backwards; as some of the best stories begin this way. Firstly, the annual sign of Rabbit clashes with Rooster signs and days on which these occur are known as “year breaks”. Secondly, in feng shui, Chinese philosophy and of course Chinese astrology, the five elements are assigned to body parts, with teeth having the metal element. Lastly; a Hen is a female Rooster and as this is a Yin Metal day, seems highly appropriate. However, the main reason for choosing a title that refers to scarcity is that according to the Chinese almanac, the only suitable activity for today is to tidy up and sweep the house. Oh well, cleanliness is next to godliness and it’s a much better day tomorrow.

Metal Rooster daily horoscope - posted 1st March 2011

Love a Monkey and find your future day?

Although today is actually a Metal Rooster and not as the title above suggests a Monkey day, it does signify a major shift in energy. Since my last blog, we have entered into a new solar month and last Saturday finally ended a period of Metal Tiger which started on February 4th 2010. Whilst this period may have benefited those with a Tiger sign in their horoscope those with a Monkey would have seen major change, and lived with almost constant fear and doubts about their future.
Monkey signs are usually full of life and love to laugh, love and play, which is just as well as they are the only sign that can be clashed for a 13 month period. As the last time the annual qi exactly matched the month qi was 48 years ago in 1962 and Monkey signs could have been severely “bent out of shape”. Therefore, if you have a Monkey in your horoscope or know someone that does; love, or at least be kind to them, then reassure them that all is well.

Find your future month

One person’s problem can be another’s favour and as last month mirrored the effects of 2010, this month of Metal Rabbit reflects the year ahead. Consequently, if you have a good month you would probably have a good year and vice versa, For those that are clashed, namely the Rooster, you will probably see the most major changes this month and this may last for the remainder of the year.

It may help to know that clashes provide an opportunity to confirm our life choices and ensure we are on our proper path. It is not a necessarily a bad thing and should be used to assess and rectify or renovate. This is confirmed in the farmer’s almanac or one of the oldest books of wisdom; also known as the Tong Shu, which recommends mending paths and fixing boundaries on this Metal Rooster day. It is also called the” month break” or “year break” and is a perfect time to reflect and make changes ready for when we come out of the clash, which depending on the scale of changes made, could either be tomorrow or next year. If you need professional help making these choices you might consider having a feng shui consultation which could help enormously.

Metal Rooster astrology

If Metal Rooster is in your horoscope you would be a very strong and independent character, meticulous in detail, stylish and influential. Having great expression you could be an excellent speaker, lecturer or teacher. Analysis is also a strong talent which could make you an excellent surgeon, doctor, scientist, accountant or manager. Famous Metal Rooster celebrities include Andrew Carnegie (day), Roger Federer, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Natasha Bedingfield, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé Knowles, Sienna Miller, Zara Phillips, Natalie Portman, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Serena Williams and Elijah Wood.

Metal Rooster astrology effects on other signs

Tiger, Pig and Rat have power and can be quite ambitious. Their females may also be lucky in love. Snake and Horse signs have wealth opportunities and should get a good return for their efforts. Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox continue to be creative; whilst Monkey prospers from all of the love they receive and see their plans develop today.

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