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Famous Chinese horoscope President Obama #1 of 50 most influential people of the decade

Chinese astrology horoscopeChinese astrology horoscope readings can be produced at anytime in a person life and will show a person’s fate. When we add 10 year and annual horoscopes we discover when and sometimes how these occurrences happen.

The first thing to notice about his Chinese astrology chart below is that due to its timeliness his day pillar of Earth Snake is extremely strong. When elements are too strong it is useful to allow them to blossom by introducing the next sheng cycle element along from their day stem, this makes metal his most favourable element. This element represents his intelligence, and as it falls in the year pillar of Metal Ox, denotes public service. According to Chinese astrology government and politics are also classified as metal this would seem to suggest he is an ideal candidate for office. However, in order for this aspect to function correctly it must have a root and its appearance indicates when these events will occur. In Chinese astrology it also symbolises the main focus of his public service. His month pillar of Wood Sheep and hour pillar of Wood Dog both signify power and prominence.

Whenever a favourable element comes into a “luck pillar” good things happen to the person, even lifelong ambitions can be realised. President Obama’s current astrological luck pillar which began in October 2000 contains his most favourable element of Yin Metal, it is the first time in his life that he has this heavenly stem in his horoscope. We could have told him back in 2000 or at any time of his life that he was destined for great things during this period. The full horoscope pillar is Yin Metal Rabbit with the latter representing power; this combines with the Goat in the chart and increases its magnitude.

Chinese astrology chart US President ObamaAt the time of the election November 4th 2008 the Dog zodiac sign represented the month and the Monkey the day. These two signs react very favourably with the Yin Metal of his luck, and year pillar representing society, who showed their support for him by electing him 44th president of the United States. Further as President Obama has 3 roots for this Yin Metal - the most significant being the hour branch also known as the “children’s pillar” this support came mainly from younger people. His other two roots represented wives or partners and those who lived on the outskirts of cities, these factions would have been deciding factors in his success. Two days after he won the election the Pig became the month branch and this combined with his power element of Goat in his chart and Rabbit in his luck pillar and increased the magnitude of his power to the maximum.

It is interesting to note that President Obama’s next luck pillar which began in October 2010 represented outstanding achievement and even greater power. As it was also the energy of the year this gave him and us a foretaste of what is to come in the decade ahead.

Chinese astrology and his opposition

Chinese astrology can also be used to show you how to deal with difficult situations. President Obama’s Four Pillars chart shows that he is transiting through the hour pillar and is under the influences of the Yang Wood Dog. The Yang Wood indicates a new beginning and pioneering both positive aspects and we have all seen this manifest with America electing its first black president. The Dog however, can be a source of annoyance, especially to someone with a strong day stem as in this Chinese horoscope. However, President Obama’s newest luck pillar containing the Yang Metal Tiger can combine with the Dog and Horse and instead of hindrance, it will bring huge support. The next Horse period we come across is next June, and the next year is 2014 both of which will unite his critics as supporters. Until then advanced feng shui techniques can be used to bring a more immediate and sustained result. Having found his favourable element we can then place furniture, fixtures and fittings that represent this element in his environment and create a unique, less stressed and nurturing atmosphere in his home and office.

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Chinese astrology for 50 most influential people of the decade*

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